Live Like You are Dying

Yesterday, I worked from 11:20 AM until 10 PM. I made $158.00. It was a very interesting day.

I got to give away one of my cards when a guy I took to the Airport said, "Don't wander too far off, because if they don't let me on the plane, I may have to have a ride back..." I explained to him that Lyft doesn't let me drive in Arkansas, and he doesn't get to choose his driver through the apps. But, I would be happy to come back and pick him up if he wants to pay cash for the ride. I gave him the card and told him to call me if he needed me.

I don't give my card out to everyone I come into contact with, just those who inquire about personalized experiences. Most people are just happy getting the ride "right now".

On my last delivery, I made a BIG boo boo. I had two orders to deliver from one restaurant on opposite sides of town. I accidentally mixed up the orders and gave each delivery the wrong order. My satisfaction rate went from 95% to 91% overnight. Yeah, I will definitely be more careful in the future!

My Aunt passed away from COVID yesterday. So, I didn't come home to happy news. Her greatest desire was to make everyone around her Happy. She sure made me happy when I was around her.

My greatest desire is to help everyone experience tangible victories in their lives that they can pay forward. My method is to live like I am dying.

And, tomorrow, we are having a Valentine's get-together at my mom's. Everyone is supposed to wear red. I hope I can find something...

My tax bill is paid for the month. And, my accountant fees. Now I have to work on paying my Lot rent. I am late on that, I know. And, I wouldn't be had I not had to pay my speeding ticket two days ago; but, at least I don't have to worry about that anymore.

I am NOT happy with Biden's and the Democrat's attempt to take away my job. It just gives them the power to do what they are attempting to do, to persecute anyone who doesn't think like them. Yes, I am scared, because Patriots refuse to stand up to these bullies!

Today, me and the guys are having fried cabbage, cooked with soul seasoning, Worcestershire Sauce and onions, bacon and maybe some hamburger meet. I'll be fixing some biscuits to eat with it, too. It's going to be great!

Have a blessed day.

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