I keep a list of "Things I'm asking God for". On it, I put anything and everything I need and want. After all, it is God who provides all we have. I even put "sugar" or "tea" on it. If I get it, I praise God I got it. And, if I get it for free, I praise God even more. After all, God either gives me the ability to get it for myself, or He uses someone else to give me a gift. Either way, God provided.

Last night, on my last run, I was talking to my passenger, making conversation, about the fact that my purse got tea spilled in it, and how I need a new one. I went to the Dollar General and bought a small one, but I needed something bigger.

When we got to her drop off, she tipped me $3 in cash, then told me to wait there for a moment. She came out with two big purse bags. They were used, but they were good for what I needed it for.

God is so good to me!

I can now take "new purse" off the "Things I'm Asking God For" list and put it on the "Answered Prayers" list.

As I look at my "Answered Prayers" list, I see that it is so much longer than my "Things I'm Asking God for List". I praise God even more.

Today, I am starting work at noon and working until midnight tonight.

Have a blessed day. Mine is!

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