Learning Curve and Structure

Good morning, World!

Today, I have to figure out a way to pay my rent. I have most of the money... and I have a feeling I'll have what I need once I get started juggling through all my accounts. I am trying so hard not to dip into my e-trade account.

If I take any money out of my e-trade account, I have to pay it back plus 5%, as if it is a loan to be paid with usury. That is biblical for people who would take from their tithes to take care of personal stuff. (Leviticus 27: 31).

We'll study about all that later. I am not going to do like most pastors do when they teach about money. I am going to go deeper, into how to handle your money in a biblical way, INCLUDING tithing. When I go to church and hear a pastor teach on money, all I hear is "You best tithe. That is what God wants," and that is all I hear. I don't hear what to do with the money that is left after the tithe is done, or what to do when there is no money to tithe from. I think it is high time we study that in depth.

I was talking to a passenger the other day who said he wearied from going to church, not because he doesn't believe in it, but because he is already saved, and all he hears in church is how to be saved, rather than what to do with your salvation. I think this fits.

At any rate, it is why I do what I do.

I take what I learn and I share it as I go. I make mistakes, but I learn from them, and I try to be open about my life on the internet because I want people to learn from my failures as much as they learn from my successes. And I don't know how to say it better.

At any rate, I got up before 4 AM this morning, but my days are getting more structured. The first half of the day I work doing Uber. Then, if I am not too desperate to have the money too quickly, I spent the last half of the day working the Spark App. I work WAITr and DoorDash in between runs.

Around the time it starts getting dark, I come home and work a little bit on the call center. I still have to build up my commit rating, so I have scheduled some commits for that, for the next three days, that I will be coming home to work in between those.

Then, I finish off the night watching TV and playing games on the computer.

I hit the bed around 8 PM to start over again.

Once I get rent taken care of, I'll be going to do my taxes.

Ya'll have a blessed day.

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