Just call me "Speedy"

Good Thursday evening, World!

I still like $30 to paying my bill, but I am not worried about that. I got that covered. My next bill is only $25 and due on the 20th. So, I'm good, for now.

I'm more worried about that speeding ticket I got today. I deserved it. I got a warning on New Year's Day for the exact same thing. Same speed and all. LOL

I was, however, worried about whether it would cost me my job. But, I'm safe right now, thankfully. 2 more points in the next 2 years and I won't be.

He was a very nice cop, though. I made sure to tell him how much he was appreciated. He almost felt bad about writing me that ticket, I bet. LOL. Poor guy, he was just doing his job, and I WASN'T doing MINE.

I wonder how much it is going to cost me? I should be able to take a defensive driving course and get it off my record though, right? Last time I did that was in 1998...(that was the last ticket I got, too!)

Have a blessed day! (Mine was. At least I didn't have a wreck!)

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