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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

1 .Favorite smell? Chocolate Cake

2. Last time you cried? When I sent my babydogs away. Before that, when I sent my baby boy away.

3 .What's your favorite pizza? Supreme. I love most pizzas!

4. What’s your favorite animal? I love all animals. But, not insects.

5. Did you go to preschool? No, I went to Kindergarten. Unless you want to count Miss Copeland's Daycare as a preschool.

6. Untie your shoes when taking them off? No.

7. Roller coasters? Sure. But not by myself.

8. Favorite ice cream? Vanilla with Chocolate syrup.

9. Shorts or jeans? Jeans.

10.What are you listening to? Christian Contemporary.

11. Favorite TV show? The 100. Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead. The Crown. Supernatural.

12. Hair color? Naturally auburn. Turning Gray.

13. Color of eyes? Hazel.

14. Favorite thing to drink? A Big, Fresh, Cold glass of Sweet Iced Tea (preferably Lipton -- but Chicken Express sells good tea)

15. Favorite holiday? Christmas.

16. Night owl or early bird? Night owl.

17. Favorite day of the week? Any day I am off work.

18. you have a nick name? Not until I started working in a prison. I don't want to repeat what I am called there. LOL

19. Favorite season? Fall...the final days just before winter.

20. Favorite place to get away? Home.

21. Missing anyone? Not really. Missing what was, what could have been? Yes -- at times.

22. What would you do if you won the lotto? Donate to charity. Give myself 1,000/week for fifty years, give the rest to my kids.

25. Would you go back to high school if you could? No. But I'd go back to being 14 and 15 years old again.

26. Ocean or lake? Both.

27. Who do you think will do this with you? I don’t know.

Copy and paste into your status and change my answers.

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