Jesus and a New Week

Good Sunday Morning, World!

Today, I am starting my new work week. I am praying for a profitable day so that I can pay off my car payment, and the bills I have coming to me this week. PLUS, my car needs an oil change.

I am ready to go to work right now. So, here I go...

On a side note:

Yesterday I worked for charity, so that I could donate toward my friend Kenny's Kidney Cancer Chemo Treatments. I made more yesterday than I ever do on a day when I am working for myself! (That kind of irritated me...but oh well. God obviously wants Kenny to have help, or he wouldn't have sent me so many customers!)

Seriously, though, I am glad I was able to serve my Jesus. (Matthew 25:40).

I don't know if helping Kenny is going to save his life. I know that without treatment, he is sure to die. But, I do know that trying, and showing him that there are people out there who care whether he lives or dies, is vital to showing him what the love of Christ is all about. After all, we are the only Jesus he will see while he is on this earth. I'd sure like for him to greet me at heaven's gate with a "Thank you, you helped me get here..."; whether it is next month or ten years from now.

The truth is, we ALL have a death sentence on this earth. It is only a matter of when; and, when Kenny's time comes, I want him to know who Jesus is by seeing Him in ME.

And, I want other Christians to do the same, because there isn't enough of "just me" to convince him in his heart of hearts as a result of this struggle. What I do may be enough to get him thinking, but what the WHOLE body of Christ does is what will convince him.

So, those who can't give, please keep praying for him, and pray that God will give you more, that you can also give when needed, and I will do the same for all of you. And those of you who can, he still needs $356 more dollars, thanks to a kind donation yesterday.

Have a blessed day!

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