It's GOTTA Get Better

Today was a somber, but eventful day. It was also the slowest day I have ever worked as a courier/rideshare driver. EVER.

I woke up this morning and went to get food boxes from the New Boston Pavillion today. It was a blessing for the guys!

Then, I went back home to get ready for the funeral at 2 PM.

While I waited until it was time to go, I caught up on uploading all my receipts into my Quickbooks account for tax purposes. When you are a 1099 worker, you have to keep up with your own taxes.

I went to the funeral. Then, I went to work. But, before I could get where I needed to be to start work, as I was driving down Highway 67 toward the Loop, I heard a "beep". I looked at my dashboard and saw the message "Low tire pressure".

REALLY? Obviously I didn't have a flat...yet. So, I turned the car around and went to Daniel's New and Used Tires and pulled into one of their stalls.

When the guy came to my window I explained to him, "My sensors are telling me I have low tire pressure, so I figured I'd come in here real quick to figure out why."

As he bent down with the airhose to check the air in my front driver side tire, I got out of the vehicle and walked around to take a look at the other tires, to see if any looked low. In the passenger side rear tire, pretty as all get-out, was a drill bit about 2 inches long. It was sticking halfway into my tire, although the tire was not flat yet. It was obvious the tire would not sustain itself long, though. I said,

"What is this?"

Two attendants walked over and said, "Yep. There is your problem!"

I paid $10 to get the tire fixed, after getting assurance that the tire would be good to drive on for a long time in spite of having the patch. I am a delivery driver and a taxi driver. I do not need a flat.

I made $38 today.

Too many more days like that is going to see me driving to Shreveport for work more often. Thank God this isn't an everyday thing.

I was sent on one delivery to a local deli to pick up an order. When I got there, the cashier couldn't find the order. She asked me if I had the order on my app that she could look at so they could make it.

I had left my phone in the car on the charger, because I had let the battery run too low. So, I went to my car to get the phone. The cashier met me at the door as I was returning, saying, "Never mind. We know what happened. The customer came and picked the order up himself."

In the past, we've had incidents where the customer would pick up the order and then call the app's customer service and complain because they "didn't receive their order", and they would get a free meal with a free delivery. This happened so often at one place on New Boston Road, that they started making the drivers show their apps before picking up the order - in order to make sure it was an actual driver picking up the order and not the customer trying to get free food.

In order to protect the privacy of both the customer and the driver, any communication during the delivery is done through the app, and all communication is received by the app's customer service for verification, quality and training purposes.

So, I told the cashier, "In that case, I'm not going to call customer service and waste my time. I'm just going to mark the order as delivered so I can get paid for the gas and time I wasted on this order that I won't get paid for if the customer complains."

She nodded. So, I sent the customer a message before I marked the order as delivered, because if I mark it as delivered, I have no way of contacting the customer after I do so. I told the customer,

"Since you decided to go ahead and come and pick up your order yourself, I am marking the order as delivered. A copy of this message is being sent to customer service through the app. Thank you for your business."

I got paid. And, the customer had no avenue in which to commit fraud. I was protected because I communicated with the customer before marking the order as "delivered".

Then, I was invited to dinner with a friend. It isn't often I get to spend time with friends, so when one asks me to join them for something other than that they "need" something, I'm game. I stopped long enough to go and have dinner and spend some social time away from work.

Then, I went back to work. Or, I tried to. Can't work when there is no work to be had. I probably did one more delivery before I decided it was time to go home and give it up.

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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