"It is my pleasure to serve!"

Hello, World!

Tonight I am taking a break from the Call Center to focus on making rent on the first of the month. I have plenty of "cushion money" to make it if I can't, but I'd rather grow my cushion money rather than spend it.

You never know when I will really need it.

Tonight, as I sit here at home waiting for my "pings", I'll be focusing on updating my news blogs.

I'll also be taking a break from television, except for watching YouTube to keep up-to-date on the latest news and listening to my daily preaching podcasts. Yeah, I have church every day if I can.

My job as an Uber driver gives me the opportunity to minister to my passengers. Even drunk people in my car get to hear K-Love radio as we go down the road.

Sometimes, it makes for some great conversations.

And, sometimes, it helps my passengers who are suffering from broken hearts, broken marriages, and broken families who just need someone to talk to.

One guy, the other night, was fighting with his mom and just needed to drive around for a minute to cool down. He called for an Uber twice that night and got me both times.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

At any rate, it has made me more aware of my mission as an Uber driver. God put me there for a reason. I don't want to let Him down. And, when a passenger thanks me sincerely, I always respond with, "It is my pleasure to serve."

"I am blessed" and "It is my pleasure to serve" are words I use a LOT.

Well, time to get this night going. Have a blessed night!

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