Investment, Tips, Dog food and a Freezer That Doesn't Work

Hello, World!

Today I need to call the health insurance marketplace to make sure my account is in good standing; and if it is, I have to call the doctor's office to straighten out the insurance there.

I bought $19 more in stocks today. My net assets have gone up that much since I sold about 5 shares and re-invested in another company, building my portfolio to nearly $100 each in about 8 different companies now. Another $5 or $10 and I will start investing in a 9th company. I plan to have 31 different investments before I start investing more into each one. (That's one for each day of the month).

I usually end up having to sell the stocks for emergency use before I build it up that far, though. Here's hoping for a better outcome, this time.

My Cash App curently has about $71 in investments on it. That is pure tip money. I have a sign in my car that anyone can send money to my Cash App if they don't feel comfortable tipping on the Uber App -- and although tips are not required, they are appreciated!

My e-trade is growing because I invest 10% of my earnings every month, until and unless I can be led by God to use it in other ways.

I give all my cash tips to the churches. Sometimes that is more than 10% of my earnings.

The rest I use to pay the bills with and spend what is left on myself. Only, lately, I haven't had anything left to spend on myself.

I'm getting a late start today because I am taking care of business.

I got my groceries this morning, but for some reason, they were out of dog food that I ordered. I will have to go to the dollar store and get some later, if I run out before they can get it in stock. The dogs have one more full bowl left. That will last them about 2 days.

I ate left over cheesy enchilada hamburger helper this morning. It was delicious. I also had some chocolate almond milk for breakfast. I am getting away from dairy and replacing it with more healthy and less fattening stuff.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with my freezer that isn't working anymore. Obviously, I can't use it for anything.

Gotta go.

Have a blessed day!

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