Invested Blessings.

Hello, World!

It is hard to believe that two years ago I was working for $215 a week as a cook at a local diner where I lived, and loving it! (Not near as much as I love what I am doing now, though).

Today, I make that amount of money in one or two days, and am not nearly as wore out when I am done.

It makes me appreciate the fact that, even though I am still struggling (no matter how much you make, your bills grow with your income...) I am blessed to have what I have today.

Thank You, Jesus.

Right now, I am baking some meat patties in the oven to eat for breakfast before I start my day. There is nothing like starting your day off with good protein.

Last night I was busy. One of the good things about working the graveyard shift is that all the other drivers don't want to do it. I was the only one available to take runs. I worked for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT with no break, back-to-back runs. I was happy to meet goal and turn off the app around 3 A.M. finally.

I am going to have to take my car in to be serviced again soon. When I go to pump gas at the stations, the pump keeps cutting off after about one or two dollars. I have to hold the pump and let the gas trickle in to get full. It takes a while. It's annoying.

My E-trade account is growing faster now. The more money you have in it, the more money you can make if you work it hard like I do. I'm up to $1,900 invested. But, because I pulled all my money out when the market started dipping consistently, they have restricted my cash flow. I have to wait 24 hours after a sale to be able to re-invest.

That isn't a bad thing, though. I get to see how much I make off of just what I have on a daily basis.

Today I made about $35. I will be re-investing that on Monday - along with what I make until then.

Today, I re-newed my contract with Live-Ops, also. I haven't been working it much lately, but I plan to start back tonight. I have grown accustomed to having the money paid to my investment account every two weeks to play with.

I invest all of my money from Live-Ops, Door Dash and Waitr and Spark. I use Uber and Grub Hub to pay my bills with.

I took a look at all my loan accounts last night. I only have about 4 months more to pay on two of them. I use one credit card for groceries, and one for fuel. I always try to buy less than I pay in a month, so it can continue to be paid off. And, my credit rating can continue to rise.

At the end of the year, I'll use my E-trade account to pay off what I can on what is left of my debts. I'm eating now.

Ya'll have a blessed night!

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