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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hello, World!

Today I called the Health Insurance Marketplace to find out how to make my insurance payment and how much I owe and who to pay it to. They told me I owed $930 for January, then it goes down to the $62/month, but my insurance would be terminated if I didn't pay the $930.

I felt as if I was being extorted. I told them to K my A and that they could take their insurance and shove it! Then I called Blue Cross, who told me that I should call to apply for Medicaid because they couldn't help me due to my possibility of having Lupus. I thought that was illegal?

So, I called them back to inquire as to why I owe $930 when I owed less than $100 before January. Why did it go all of a sudden up!

FINALLY, I spoke to a lady who seemed sympathetic to my situation. I was ready to start asking for supervisors. She told me they didn't terminate the insurance in January when they started my new policy, which is why this situation was as it was, and she was going to do what she had to to make sure that was taken care of.

After a lot of paperwork was filed and pushed, she told me to call back on the 10th to ask for the status update on the escalation of my case (which she escalated, because changes can take up to 30 days, and I haven't even made a payment yet).

It took me over an hour and a half on the phone with her to get this mess looked at.

I explained to her that I have an upcoming appointment and I need my insurance. My doctor is calling me asking me about it, as well. She was very understanding and frustrated with me about my situation.

Anyway, I am getting a late start to work today, and I won't be doing Spark, due to the weather.

Back Story:

I got a letter the other day saying that my insurance has been terminated due to me not paying the $930 that they tried to automatically draft from my account in January and I didn't have it.

To prevent the automatic draft from re-occuring until I could get this figured out, so my bank wouldn't charge me another over draft fee, I stopped auto payment.

I called the Market Place and was told that I owed that amount of money. I told them I didn't understand why since I didn't owe that amount in December. It was less than $100 in December. And I can't afford $930.

They changed my policy from Bronze to Silver and now I only owe $62 and I was supposed to receive my packet within 2 weeks. I never received it because they apparently didn't add my apartment number to the address.

I called them again.

They updated and I am still waiting on my packet.

Then I received a letter saying my insurance was terminated because I didn't pay the $930. I called them again two days ago to ask why I owe $930 when I am supposed to only pay $62? They said because they didn't terminate my policy when they changed it so I still owe that for January and then $62 for February. I told them the whole reason I changed it was because I don't HAVE $930!

I called Blue Cross Blue Shield to see if I could get insurance through them instead. When they learned I have to go to the Rheumatologist, they told me to apply for Medicaid instead.

I called the Market place back to maybe talk to a supervisor. I got someone on the line who went through the steps and told me that they should have terminated the other policy and started me on this policy and it was understandable that I would stop my autopay until this is rectified.

I spent an hour on the phone with her today as she tweaked my paperwork and made sure the address was changed everywhere, and then put an escalation on it.

She told me to call back on Feb 10 to ask about the status update of my escalation because it might take 30 days for the paperwork to go through if it isn't escalated. She said if there is no change, to call back on the 17th and if there is no change to throw a fit.

Everything should be updated by then and I should be able to make a proper payment to my plan by then.

Have a blessed day. I'm trying...please keep praying about my insurance situation...

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