I need a mean tweet and a buck-fifty gas.

I am totally ready for another mean tweet!

I was at the gas pump getting gas the other day, and I realized that the price was $3.01/gallon in Texarkana at Walmart. I exclaimed aloud,

"$3.01 per gallon? That is outrageous! Thanks a lot, Biden!"

The Hispanic guy at the pump next to me said, "Just be glad you don't live in California. Gas is $5/gallon there."

I immediately responded with, "I wouldn't live in California if someone paid me to do it, and I wish California wouldn't move here...and if they do, I wish they would leave their politics in California and not bring it HERE."

I was in a conversation with a passenger later on, in which I got a $5.00 tip for going off on a rant about all the stuff going on and "God Bless those truckers in Canada! Look what they accomplished!"

Enough is enough.

He and I talked about how Trump is running in 2024, but the media isn't going to let anybody know that...so it's up to us to spread the word.

Vote Trump 2024.

He said that he thought Trump would win, because the people weren't going to allow what happened before to happen again.

I came back with, "OR, he WON'T win because Democrats now know they can get by with it."

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