I Am So Relieved!

I got started later today than I wanted to, because when I woke up at 6 am this morning, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I couldn't help it. I was sleeping so good...and I haven't done that much lately.

Today was REALLY slow in deliveries. I made about half of what I made yesterday. I probably would have done better if I'd worked as long as I did yesterday, though.

However, I was sitting in the H&R Block parking lot on New Boston Road, and, at about 5:35, I got a phone call from Car Mart. "Miss Ponder, I just wanted to let you know that your tags are here."

"REALLY! Can I come get them right now?"

"Sure...be here by 6."

Fifteen minutes later, I was at Car Mart. He put my tags on for me. I was SO excited!

I was on a time block, so I continued to deliver until my time block was over at 7 PM and then I came home to get my Uber stuff uploaded so I could drive...but the other night, when I got the ticket, the cop kept my insurance card by accident. So, I can't do anything until I go to the insurance office tomorrow to get another card, so I can upload it into the Uber app to go with my tags. Sigh...

I have my car payment. I don't owe any more bills until the 25th, and I've almost got that. After that, my next bill is due on the 29th -- internet. I have to have health insurance on the 30th, then Mortgage and car insurance on the first.

By then, I should be back full swing with Uber, PRAISE GOD! THANK YOU JESUS!

Have a blessed night!

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