He's an ON-TIME GOD!

God is good. He is SO good to ME!

This morning, I still did not have water. So, I called the local truck stop to find out if their showers were working. They said it was. They said it cost $12 for a shower.

I texted my landlord and told her that my water was still not working. New Boston had some mains break, and had the water turned off. She said the water in the trailer park had also been turned off due to some trailers having leaky pipes.

I explained to her that I didn't have the money for a plumber, but I suspected mine were busted too. I offered to pay it out if she could send her plumber.

Then, I loaded up my stuff and went to take a shower.

And then, I went to work.

As soon as I got to Texarkana, Uber started sending me trips. I felt like I was the only one working, because as soon as I picked someone up, the app would ding me for the next trip before I even started toward their drop off. I did about six trips like that, then I was notified to pick a guy up at "Taste of India" restaurant.

When I got there, he had FIVE bags to load into my car. I hadn't even looked to see where I was going when I accepted the run. I helped him load his stuff in the back of my car, then told the app I had picked up. I was notified that the trip was to Bryant, Arkansas and it was 123 miles to the destination. I thought, "KEWL."

When I got to the destination (about 2 hours or so later), I looked at my earnings for the day: $238.00. YEAH BABY! I MADE BANK!

I ate at the local Arby's and filled my tank with gas and started the long trip home, after shutting off my app, which was trying to give me trips to take there.

I thought about working when I got back, but when I got to Texarkana, I just kept driving until I got home to New Boston. $238 was enough for one day. No need to be greedy. Besides, I was tired. It was a LONG trip! LOL

When I got home, I was informed that I had THREE busted pipes under my trailer. SIGH. I hope it can get fixed tomorrow. It is going to cost me most of what I made today, but at least it will be fixed!

Almost makes me wish I'd stayed out working tonight...

Have a blessed day! (MINE WAS! -- God knows what He is doing He KNEW I needed the money!)

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