Hard Days

I am so tired right now. LOL

Yesterday, I didn't have a chance to work much. I woke up and fiddled around while I waited on the plumber to come and fix my pipes for me. He was supposed to show up at 1:00 PM. He didn't. So I called and was told he was backed up with work everywhere because of the winter freeze, and he would get to it, but he was running late.

So, I left the money with my housemates in an envelope and told them that when he fixed the pipes, to give it to him. I also told him that my housemates were given the money to give to him.

I had to go to work.

But, first, I had to wash my car. It was NASTY from all the snow-mud that had settled on my windows and the rest of the car. And, it needed the seats wiped and sanitized, and the interior vacuumed. The weather had done a number on my car, and since there were no car washes opened, I was a few days behind on getting it as clean as it needed to be.

I try to wash my car at LEAST once a week, and more if need be. It had been 10 days. And, it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in a month. I was too embarrassed to have customers with me doing rideshare.

So, I went to take a shower at the truck stop again, and get dressed for the day, since I still had no water, and then took the car to the car wash.

I had to wait an hour for a stall to be available to wash my car in, because everyone else had the same idea I did, apparently. I was lucky to be at the car wash I chose to be at, because the one on Richmond Road had a line of cars two blocks long waiting to be washed. It was phenomenal.

Finally, about 4:30 PM, after I used the restroom and filled up my car with gas, I was able to go to work.

My plumber called late in the evening to let me know my pipes were fixed and I now had water and to thank me for the payment. I was SO HAPPY (and relieved!)

Gone are the 200 dollar days. Life is back to normal again. No more surge pricing on deliveries. It's going to be hard to make 100, much less 200 now, unless I work a whole day.

I didn't even make $75 yesterday.

But, I came home at 10 PM and cleaned my toilet, washed dishes, threw clothes in the wash and prepared my tub for my morning bath.

This morning I got up earlier and started work at 10:30 A.M. I had all three apps going...sometimes four. I stayed running and didn't sit anywhere more than two or three minutes before being sent on another run.

When it finally did slow down enough that I was starting to "twiddle my thumbs", I started logging my trips onto quickbooks so that my mileage could be recorded for tax purposes. I had nearly two pages of trips to log today.

I kept my apps on as I logged the mileage, and decided to run until I got all my paper work done, if I had the opportunity. I had already worked 12 hours when I was finally able to do the paperwork. It took me two hours (I did about five more runs as I worked on my paperwork).

When I finally was able to turn off all the apps and go home, it was past midnight. I had worked nearly 14 hours today. And, yes, I was TIRED.

But, I came home with $183.

Not bad.

Tomorrow is going to be another short day. I have to go get food for my housemates, and then I have to go to my Aunt's funeral. I'll be starting late again tomorrow. But, something is better than nothing, right?

And, if it weren't for the days in which we struggle, the easy days would not be as appreciated, would it?

Have a blessed night!

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