Happy President's Day...I guess

Hello, World.

I can see right now that I am going to have to dip into my E-trade money in order to pay my bills at the first of next month. (Rent/car insurance).

Maybe something good will happen before then to prevent that, but I am prepared.

Today is President's Day. There are no calls at the call center, and Uber is extremely slow due to lack of business and too many drivers. It is too late to work Spark (I didn't wake up until 5 PM today).

I have been spending the last 2 hours gathering my tax information and 1099s (or, attempting to). I have all of them except my Door dash one, and I am having trouble signing onto the site that lets me access it.

I will be purchasing a printer with my tax refund. If I get one.

I have all of my information except Door Dash and my Quickbooks printout. And a few phone bills from last year.

Lesson: Don't change your phone number if you don't necessarily have to. Unfortunately I had to, and it is a headache when it comes to accessing necessary information in order to "take care of business".

There is something to be said about stability.

I am working to get my hours back in order to where I am waking up at 4 AM in the mornings and working all day during daylight hours. There is more money to be made during those hours. I plan to start using my alarm clock once I can sleep regular again.

Well, as I said, today is President's Day. It is a holiday. So, I guess I'll grit my teeth through it.

I'm just going to hang it up and go watch Stargate until after Midnight. Then I'll turn the call center on again.

Have a blessed night!

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