Happy Friday Night!

Good Evening, World!

It is 10:36 and I am home for the night. Tomorrow is the Sabbath. I am looking forward to a day I can just be lazy.

Today, my goal was to make $125. That's enough to cover the bills. I added another $25 for insurance (and lunch) for "just in case" money. So, my goal then became $150. I made $170. WOOHOO! Big Money! LOL (okay, it is for me...)

It is finally the first of the month, so people are finally out moving around. Uber says they are expecting us to be busy this weekend. I don't care, I'm not working tomorrow....

When you are a platinum driver, you get the bigger offers. I got a lot of longer trips in town today. I got a couple of them who chose to make it even longer after getting into the car, because they had to stop somewhere on the way. I get paid for time as well as distance, so I didn't mind at all!

I had two customers with luggage. They were totally understanding about my liftgate. We just put the seat down and they shoved it in the trunk that way! They were happy to have a ride.

I saw the most precious little long-haired chihuahua today. I wanted to bring her home...but I could tell she loved her daddy!

And, I had one customer that preached in the Spirit the whole way to his destination (I did a lot of "Amen" and "Hallelujahs!"). Then, later, I picked him up again, and he just picked up where he left off when I dropped him off the first time! If I wasn't already saved, he'd have done a good job getting me there!

Yeah, it was a fun day!

Have a blessed night!

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