Happy Easter 2022!

Happy Easter, Ya'll!

Easter is an event that was designed to give us all a new beginning. It allows us all to start over with a clean slate. It erases all that has happened to make us who we are in order to transform us into something totally new and fit for the Kingdom of God!

Yes, Happy Easter!

Today is a new week. It is a new day. The Lord's Angel passed over us last night and allowed us to wake up this morning. And, on this day over two thousand years ago, Christ rose from the grave and gave us hope in victory over death, hell and the grave!

Here in Texarkana, it is a dreary day. I slept until 1:30 PM. I went to sleep around 5:30 AM. So, I got my full eight hours of sleep, but it sure was hard getting to where I wanted to go there. I totally give up on using an alarm clock. I'm going to trust that God wants me when He wants me.

After all, He gave me a job so I could do just that.

Yesterday, I celebrated Easter with my family at the lake. We had Frito pies, grilled hot dogs and banana pudding! The kids had a blast!

Have a blessed day!

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