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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!

Gumbo and Fur-babies.

Good Evening, World!

Today I paid my rent and my car payment for the first of the month. It was extra-ordinarily slow (having eight drivers out on the road all day didn't help), and I only made a whole $60. I'm working online at the Call Center for the rest of the night.

In my pajamas. Watching TV while I work. Updating my web site. Playing games. LOL

One of the creepy things about living in an upstairs apartment is that when the wind blows, you hear it it is trying to talk to you. Truth be known, I love that sound.

I don't like when the rain comes with it, though.

This morning, I did what I routinely do: Got up, went to the restroom, started my bath water, brushed my teeth, took my vitamins, gathered the clothes I'm going to wear, then hop into the tub, wash up, get out, get dressed, and tried to take the dogs out.

It was raining. I told them, "Sorry, boys. It's raining." Otis gave that high-pitched bark that hurts your ears. He demanded to go out. Milo ran around in circles. So, I didn't even bother putting the leash on them because I knew that they wouldn't go out in the rain. I just argued a few minutes about it with them; then, finally, I said, "FINE, GO!" and opened the door.

They ran all the way to the first step going down and came right back in the house and ran to the kitchen.

This was their way of saying, "Okay, so we couldn't go outside...does this mean we can still have a bacon treat?" I gave them one and shooed them into the bathroom for the day.

Then, I opened the computer, checked my E-trade stocks, ate leftover spaghetti for breakfast, then went to work. Typical morning, except for the rain -- and the dogs arguing with me. My babies. Just like children -- except I get to lock them in the bathroom before I go to work. That wouldn't have worked with my two boys when they were little. Knowing "Karrot Topp", he would have crawled out the window and taken off down the road somewhere and made me have to go look for him when I got home, and Justin wouldn't have spoken to me for days (and I wouldn't have been able to bear that...LOL).

Not to mention someone would have called CPS on me. LOL

I went to mom's around five. We had gumbo. It was good. I didn't eat much because I had spaghetti this morning, but I'm getting too old to miss out too much on spending time with my family. My parents won't be around forever. I know this. I want to enjoy them while I can.

I spilled tea all over mom's bar, and Keysha's cigarettes...LOL. Mom got me a towel. Once I cleaned up the mess and got chastised by my sister, I took the towel to the bathroom. Mom hollered after me, "Make sure you put it in the hamper and grab another towel in case you make another mess, Shonda!" LOL

"Yes, ma'am!"

She didn't need those cigarettes, anyway. Been trying to get her to vape for awhile. At least my vape worked fine after I dried it off. I made sure she knew that. LOL

I love my sister, and her family, and mom and Benny.

After about an hour, I went back to work. Around 7:30, I decided I was tired of twiddling my thumbs. I could have stayed at moms for what I had made. (Nothing). I decided to head home. I keep the app on until I park in my drive and turn off the car.

When I pulled into my parking spot, I reached for my phone and "PING PING PING"...

I hadn't even turned the car off yet. So, I took it. I took another one after that one and then came home again. This time, I made it upstairs and took the dogs out, and turned on the computer to go into the call center.

Have a blessed night!

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