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Hello, World!

I am getting a late start this morning because I didn't sleep well last night. My body aches all over. I kept changing position to be more comfortable and it didn't help. But, I did get enough sleep.

Thank God I don't use an alarm clock anymore, unless I gotta be somewhere!

Speaking of, the first thing I did this morning was set up Milo's vet appointment with Dr. Murray at Westridge Animal Clinic. He has to go in for a follow up, to make sure the medication is working, and maybe take him off of steroids and put him on something non-steroidal.

Maybe that will make him less bossy. LOL

He's definitely feeling better.

Then, I ordered some groceries online, using my Credit Card that I only use for groceries. That way I can make payments once a month -- or, in my case right now, once a week. LOL. I'm trying to at least pay $50/week - $100 a week to pay the card down. If I don't have it, I still pay SOMETHING. What I currently owe on the card is slowly decreasing. But, I needed some Epsom salt and some supplements I have run out of, and some water, (I ordered the small pack, because I know what it is like carrying stuff upstairs) and some milk and some picante sauce.

I ordered it to be delivered so I don't have to carry it upstairs.

Rush Limbaugh once commented on how blessed he felt that he had gone deaf and had his medical problems in the day and age he did, because it made it possible for him to have as close to a normal life as possible in spite of it. I feel the same way now. LOL

I have notice that I am getting black spots on my face. They are not black heads, because they are too big and I wash my face too well regularly. But, they are suddenly appearing. I am still waiting on my doctor and my insurance.

Well, I'm fixing to go to work now. I am praying for a profitable day.

Have a blessed day!

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