Good Wednesday morning, World!

I woke up earlier than usual this morning. I'm about to go into my E-trade account to check out things there (sell, buy some more...hopefully). My account has grown over my investment cost 36% since July of this year. I hope that trend continues.

Then, I am going to drive and deliver through the WAITr app today to try to get some bills paid. I have to make $113 + fill up my car tank so I can make more money by January 15 + buy sugar for my tea, in order to pay my next bill that is due on the 15th. I have two days to do it in.

Hopefully I won't have much down-time today. If I do, I will upload all my trips into Quickbooks and review my transactions for tax purposes, then I'll surf the internet on traffic exchanges and social media.

Have a blessed day!

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