Good Wednesday Evening, World!

Today was a very long day. I miss my Ubereats app. I won't be able to drive without my car being tagged with something other than paper tags. DMV is backed up, according to my car dealer. It may be March before I can drive Ubereats again!

In the meanwhile, I'm still delivering as best I can without the Uber app.

Today, I made half of what I usually make, but probably would have made more if I hadn't stopped to go get a box of food from my mom, who got it from the food distribution program. She called me and told me to come get it because there was a lot of stuff that needed refrigerated and she didn't have room for it in her refrigerator. So, I did. It was worth it!

The guys (my housemates) are not going to go hungry this month, that is for sure! They REALLY appreciated the groceries!

I came home at 9 PM because I didn't feel like twiddling my thumbs for an hour waiting for a delivery opportunity. (Have I told you I miss my Uber?)

But, at least I made something today. God always takes care of me. So I am not afraid of not making enough.

Have a blessed night!

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