Good Thursday Morning, World!

I woke up an hour earlier this morning. That's a good thing. That means I can get started working earlier, and hope nothing interrupts my day so I can make the money I need to pay my next bill. (I only need $80 more)

I realize I probably won't make $80 today, so I went ahead and took out the balance of my next bill from my revolving loan account (which always receives 10% of my income, so it is constantly being paid back).

When I transfer my daily pay from any app to my bank account, I allocate 10% to my savings account for tithe money first. This is kept until such a time as God needs it. This is not for ME to spend on MYSELF. (Malachi 3:10)

IF ever comes a time that I need to "borrow" from the tithe money, I will have to repay it by adding 20% to the amount I borrowed when I pay it back. (Leviticus 27:31)

I also put 10% into my E-trade account so that I have emergency money to borrow from when I need it. So far, I have not, and it is growing. I currently have $1,500 in it. When it grows big enough, I'll pay off the largest debt (currently my home) and start over.

Finally, I give 10% to my revolving loan account. This way, I have credit when I need it that is always getting paid off. When my loan account, which maxes off at $1500 (I have $300 credit in it right now, due to paying bills when I was out of work) fills up, I will transfer all of the credit over to my Capital One credit card and pay it off. I also use that money to pay off my Capital One credit card, which I haven't used in months, but has a debt of $3,250 right now.

Everything else is used to pay my monthly bills. So, I don't have much money left, and I am living day to day right now; but since I am faithful with my money, God is faithful to me, and I am not going hungry. I am not falling on my face. And, I am being blessed in unexpected and surprising ways.

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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