Due to my car being down, I am unable to work.

Ya'll know I am a courier/taxi driver by trade. My arthritis will not allow me to stand on my feet all day to work anymore. Working as an app-based delivery driver and taxi has been a blessing for me. I try to be self-sufficient and not ask for hand-outs, and I am really not comfortable doing this now. BUT, I need a car in order to do my job. My car is not able to perform at this moment and I need to pay my bills before I lose everything.

I love driving. There is nothing easier and better in the world, and I never plan to retire. But I need a car so I can continue doing what I love to do. Plus, I need to pay my bills until I can get one so I can go back to work and not ask for your help.

This is not asking for people to donate just to pay my bills. This is asking for a hand up, so I can continue to pay my own!

And, I don't know what I am going to do if I cannot drive for a living.

So I have created a GoFundMe page. I have never had much luck with fundraiser pages before. I don't expect to, now, but it is all I can do and I have to try.

Thanks to anyone who helps me out. YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED.

And, as always, I WILL pay it forward.

Visit my GoFundMe page by clicking HERE

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