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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!

Goals, Attitudes, Training, and Alarms

Hello, World!

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to make my goal because I was working later; but, last night, I did!

Apparently, I was the only Uber driver for a little bit. Before I could get one dropped off, I'd get pinged for another.

My last trip last night, I had picked a customer up. As soon as I picked her up, customer #2 pinged for a ride. Customer #1 had two stops. I was at her first stop, waiting for her to come back to the car when #2 messaged me with "Oh My Jesus God! If I were getting beat up, I'd be dead by now. I may have to cancel because it is taking you so long to get here!"

I messaged her back with, "Oh My Jesus God! You just might have to cancel then because I am in the process of transporting someone else. When I am done with her, I will be on my way. Not going any faster than I can go."


She ended up cancelling.

I got paid.

With her attitude, I was hoping she would, anyway. I debated cancelling it myself.

Day 1 did not go too well on the certification training.

I was going by Central Standard Time and they are going by Eastern Standard Time, so I got there an hour late.

But, I was still able to log my attendance, and I was give a lot of resources to review for the rest of the day.

I spent a few hours after I got home last night reviewing the material. Then, around 3 AM, I finally laid down. I set my alarm for 1 PM today, but I didn't need it. Better safe than sorry. However, I don't recall it going off at all...

Well, time for round two...

Have a blessed day. MINE IS!

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