Gig Economy Dragging Today

Good Tuesday night, World!

Today was a VERY LOOONNGG day. It was the slowest day yet as a courier. I didn't even get my first Ubereats order until nearly 7 PM and I worked since 11:30 a.m. I did a few Waitr orders until then.

I finally got frustrated and turned on the Postmates app. Immediately, I was sent to pick up a phone to deliver at the local phone store.

When I got to the store, though, the store hadn't even received the order. So I had to call Postmates, who, unlike Ubereats, did not even offer to compensate me for my wasted time.

That frustrated me even more because it was nearly 6 PM and I had yet to make even $50. So, I turned all three apps on at the same time. I got an order to go to Yoli's in Wake Village. As I was just fixing to pick up the order, I got pinged by Postmates again. This time they wanted ME to order the food and pay for it with the money they uploaded into my Postmates card for it.

I went ahead and accepted the order (for Walk-Ons), but I made them wait until I had already delivered the Yoli's order. The order was only going to pay me $4.50. NOT WORTH STRESSING OVER.

I delivered the first order, then went to Walk-ons and had to wait 15 minutes for the order to be prepared before I could deliver it. As I was walking out the door with the order, Waitr sent me a $5.00 order to deliver.

I accepted it, even though I was already busy with the Postmates order. I've probably only received 3 cash tips from any app since I started working 3 months ago, so $5.00 to drive 5 miles wasn't worth me stressing to hurry for either.

Besides, it was slow.

As I was going to pick up that order, I got pinged for an Ubereats order. This went on until my last order at 10:30.

I kept running. Everyone got their food...and even though I made them wait, the food was still on time -- believe it or not. That's how slow we were. But, I ended up making $91.00 before I came home.

Some of the groups I am on that are Gig groups said that it is typically slow the last week of the month. I totally forgot about that!

But, my internet bill is paid now. :-) Next bill is my health insurance bill for $100 due on the 30th. I'm ahead! (barely)

I hope tomorrow is busier.

Have a blessed night!

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