Good morning, World!

Yesterday I had a very interesting morning that resulted in me having to take two showers. Fasting has side effects I didn't know about. LOL

I had an eventful day yesterday after that. Business was very slow.

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that customer service is getting a little better at the local McD's lately?

You can't say I don't say positive stuff when it is warranted.

I got a ping to go pick someone up near the apartments where I live. The address was vague "Pick up (I'll call him John Doe) near Shady Lane and Nichols Drive." That is what the app told me.

When I got there, I figured I'd follow the little pin point on the map that usually tells me where the passenger is exactly. I was sitting right on top of it.

I messaged the passenger because I didn't see him anywhere.

"Where are you located. I am at the coordinates told by the app to come get you."

"Follow the pin point on your map."

"I did. What building are you at? I can come to you to pick you up."


"Then tell me where you are at. If you can't do that, I will be forced to cancel the ride and you will have to pay for my gas for the wasted trip."

No answer.

I cancelled. As the explanation I put, "Rider didn't show up" and got paid $4.40.

"PING" from the same rider. I automatically accepted it and canceled it again as a mistake so he wouldn't get charged.

Not wasting my time with people who refuse to tell me what I ask them.

Oh, and if I can't see your face and hands, you ain't getting in my car. Too many Uber thefts and hijacks going on for me not to be cautious.

I have spent all yesterday morning looking up health benefits connected to fasting. I am impressed by what I see. Maybe God was telling me to fast yesterday so that I could become more educated as to what my body needs. I just know I'm glad that He did, and I did.

Chick-fil-A needs to chill out on Richmond Road. I was driving a customer to University Avenue. She had a stop on the way at Chick-fil-A. She had already ordered her food and it was ready for her to pick up. There was a line of cars going in Chick-fil-A. Every parking lot was filled. I had another delivery to make right after her. So I pulled into one of the " reserved for drive-thru" spots.

Now, mind you, there were four of those spots. One of them had a car in it. The other three were open.

The lady who is directing traffic comes running over there, just as my passenger gets out of the car runs inside the building to get her food. She shakes her finger at me and tells me "this is a reserved spot."

I told her "my passenger ordered her food online and it is ready for her to pick it up. She will be right back out."

The lady says, " that doesn't matter you can't park here."

I said "why not? There are still two spots that haven't even been taken. "

"But I don't care it's not for you"

"Go ahead and call your manager. Because I guarantee you she'll be back in this car and we will be gone before your manager has the chance to come out here. I'm telling you right now oh, I'm not moving!"

Just as she was getting on the phone my passenger got back in the car with her food. And we promptly left.

I found out later that they do have mobile order pick-up the back of the building. The lady could have told me that with better customer service and using the term "for future reference" since I was already there.

I got fed up with the traffic on Richmond Road and wrote the city Manager an email:

He wrote me back with:

Someone said they doubted anyone would listen to me, and that nothing will ever get done. I don't see that as a reason not to try. Nothing will EVER get done if you don't try!

My response was this:

I will make a big deal out of it if they don't. I'll start a campaign the whole city will see and get them talking about it on the news if I have to. I will start a petition. They are going to listen to me. I may not be successful, but I won't be unsuccessful without a fight that the whole world sees and remembers.

It is my job to set an example for my kids, even if they aren't listening. I am not going to sit here and gripe and do nothing and deal with it. That is not how problems get solved.

To sit here and do nothing, and put up with it is the actions of someone who is being abused. I refuse to put up with that anymore without a fight.

I have rent to pay. Time to go to work.

Have a blessed day!

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