Exercise and Extension

Good morning, World!

Well, God didn't give me enough money to pay my rent by the 1st. BUT, He DID give me until the 4th to pay it without penalty. I was looking at my lease agreement this morning, and it clearly says that I have until the 4th, after which I will have to pay a late fee.

Because I need my money ASAP (and not next week or the next two days) I am forced to work Lyft and Uber today. I said I was going to quit Lyft, but I chose not to deactivate myself for emergency reasons - like this one. Those two apps pay me as I go, with no waiting for my money. Therefore, I am going to be focusing on those two apps today and until Rent is paid. I need $150 more and my e-trade money hasn't settled yet; so, I have no choice.

I would have had the money, had I not been focusing on getting certified to work at home. And, I have a 30 minute commit to honor near noon for the next 3 days.

Also, for the past two days, I've been exercising some. I take my dogs outside, let them go to do their business; and, as I watch them, I do bends, around-the-worlds, squats, stretches, and arm lifts. I don't do sit-ups or crunches because I can't lay down. This morning, I feel a little less stiff than I have been feeling. I guess I figured I should use the time wisely.

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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