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Today, I started work at 11:20 AM. I say that because that is what time I took my first run of the day on the WAITr app.

There were times when I had all three apps (WAITr, UBER, and LYFT) waiting for a run. I was wondering if I was going to make any money...but I didn't have to sit for very long before one would ping me for a run.

When one pings me for a run, I run until it stops pinging, turning the other two apps off while I work that one app until it stops again. Then I turn the other two back on. Whichever pings me next is the one I work until it quits.

I made $102 on WAITr (surge pay ROCKS!), $119 on Uber, and only $3.64 with Lyft. I think I could have done better with Lyft had the app been working right. I had to uninstall it and re-install it because it said a customer had chosen another driver because I was taking too long, when I wasn't even notified I had a run!

I was wondering why the app kept asking me if I was okay. <shrug>

After I re-installed it, I didn't have another chance to work it.

I had one run that said I was to go to Camden, TX. I was excited about that one! But, when I got to the pick up spot on 7th street, the rider messaged me and said, "The pick-up is in Camden."

I said, "That is not what the App says! I can't drive all the way to Camden to pick you up unless the app says it." Normally, if he was being picked up in Camden, though, the app would find someone in Camden to pick him up. He said, "The app won't let me change it!" I said, "I am cancelling the run. Hope that helps."

I decided that I was either going to work until midnight, or work until I made $200, whichever came first. At 10:30 I had $30 more to go. Then, I got a run to take a customer from State Line to Atlanta, TX. ChaCHING! HIT GOAL!

I'm home now. Fixing to relax and get some rest. I hope tomorrow is as profitable!

Have a blessed day!

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