Discernment and Work

Good Monday morning, World!

I checked the apps and it looks like Uber is short on drivers right now. I wonder if it has anything to do with gas prices? If so, then that is good for me. More business. I can afford the gas if I am making all the money.

Yesterday, after paying for gas, I still made $135 in 6 hours. (I did Spark after that...to keep my account active).

I am looking forward to getting out there today. If it is slow, I will work some WAITr and Doordash today, as well as Spark.

I am waiting on my money to settle in my account from this weekend ($200) so my electric bill ($81) won't overdraw my account when it hits. My next bill after that is due on Wednesday, my medical bill payment ($25) and then on the 18th, I have another loan to pay on ($181). I think I will have all that covered.

As far as loaning money, I don't just loan money to anyone without a legitimate need. Because, when I loan the money I want to know it is going to a good cause, because there is a chance I will not get the money back. So, for those of you who are asking me to borrow money, you need to tell me what it is you are using the money for. I am not lending money to people who are perfectly capable of obtaining it on their own. It is how I safeguard myself from scams.

And if you want to call me "selfish" for being that way, go ahead, but the Good Lord Jesus said not to cast your pearls before the swine. (Matthew 7:6)

Discernment is a gift.

I am going to work now...which is what those of you who can should do. If you do not have a job, do what I did and MAKE YOURSELF ONE! I will be glad to help you if you have a car, a bank account, a cell phone, internet, and can pass a background check.

Have a blessed day!

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