Dental Insurance, Milo and Goals

Hello, World!

Today I found out that I am enrolled in two different dental plans, and it is costing me a total of $52/month. The question is: Should I drop one of them?

Today I have to go get Milo's meds. He is almost out. That will only cost me $10.

I am eating leftovers for breakfast. Spaghetti is always just as good on day 2.

I will be working from 2 PM until 2 AM today.

I woke up at noon today, and the door was wide open! Thankfully, the dogs were here. But, I have no idea if they might've gone out while I was asleep. I could have sworn I locked the door last night. Maybe I didn't.

I have to make $626 this week. I have until the 14th to have that much to pay all the bills from the 14th-21st. That means I have to make $104/day. That is my goal today. I will be doing a lot of Spark today.

I did real good yesterday, but I miss getting started earlier, because the earlier I get started on Uber, the better my chances for an out of town trip.

My money hasn't settled into my bank account from Uber yet. I'll check back later. Payday is tomorrow with Spark. I guess they lied to us about daily pay.

Have a blessed day!

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