Delivering for Uber, WAITr, Postmates, Spark and Roadie:

For those customers who think we should hold a conversation for our tips while we are driving to bring you your food:

Delivery Drivers are driving, not talking and texting. It is against the law to text and talk. Keep that in mind. If you want your food delivered prompt, hot and right, then you need to not worry about communication during the delivery and just put on the notes what you want us to do then sit back and watch us do it!

We will deliver with a smile and "have a great day." If we do not, THEN we have not done our job

We do not work for Uber or Door Dash or WAITr. We are independent contractors who use our time and OUR gas to bring you YOUR food. We try to do it quick, prompt, and courteous. That is where our duty begins and ends.

It is not OUR job to engage with the customer, except to say THANK YOU, ENJOY YOUR FOOD and HAVE A GREAT DAY! THAT job belongs to the Restaurant and the App's customer service.

Some customers think it is our job to make sure they got what they ordered. When the restaurants hand the bag to us, it is usually SEALED. I'm not going to open the bag, and put my dirty hands in it to move their food around to make sure that they have what they ordered. It is not our fault if they don't have everything they ordered. If they have a problem with the order, they need to call the restaurant or the delivery app's customer service.

Tipping is a thank you to us for using OUR TIME, OUR GAS, and making sure you receive your order with a smile, a thank you and a have a great day!

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