Cushion Money

Good Monday Night, World!

Since I stopped working for "the man" and started working for myself, Mondays are not nearly as dreaded as they used to be.

Today, however, I wasn't looking forward to going to get my tire - which I suspected had a nail in it because I thought I saw something shiny embedded in the rubber - fixed. But, as soon as I left the house at 1:30 PM (yeah, I slept till noon. That's what happens when you stay up until 4 AM because you have insomnia) I went straight to Daniel's New and Used Tires on Highway 67 to have them fix it.

They said there was nothing wrong with my tires, they just needed aired up. Okay...

While I was on my way there, my lawyer (who is a good friend from high school, also) called me to let me know my deductible from my settlement is in from my insurance. She had a $745.80 check waiting for me.

I left Daniel's and went to her office, where I sincerely thanked her for all of her help (she has no idea how grateful I truly am!), picked up my check and went to the bank, where they had to get it approved by the bank manager because it was over $600.

Really? Seriously?

Of course, it was approved, and I went to work.

I made $106 today and decided to come home around 8 PM. (It's not like I don't have cushion money now...LOL).

I put half of the money in E-trade, and the other half into my revolving loan account for - yes - cushion money. (You know me: I'm a "Plan B" person!).

I'm home now. Gonna get on the call center in a few minutes, after I play around with the stock market for a little bit.

Have a blessed night!

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