Credit, Goals, and Pickled Eggs

Hello, World!

I was looking at my stats, and I can see that there are only one or two of you that ever read my blog or any of the links to MY website. Which means that there are very few of you who care to know anything about what I am up to, and the only reason you do is because you are on Facebook or some other social media platform and "just happen to" see my posts.

That's okay, because I also see that there is one or two that do. As the old saying goes, "If I can just help one person, then I've done my job."

Yesterday, I boiled some eggs that I bought from my niece. I dropped the peeled boiled eggs into leftover jalapeno juice, added some red wine vinegar, some onion and garlic, and sea salt and some other spices. It will be great for snacks later.

I love pickled eggs, when they are done right.

I also opened up another line of credit last night. This one is similar to my revolving loan account. I can take money out of it again and again, as long as I continue to pay it back.

It's a good thing I did this, because several of my first of the month bills came out of my checking account already, and I am short about $200 for rent because of it. It may be tomorrow before the money for the loan is settled into my account.

I plan on getting rid of my other accounts as soon as possible.

Well, for the most part. It is always good to have more credit than I need. I just don't want to use it unless I have to. I have one line of credit for every line of income now.

I am still waiting on my money to settle at E-trade. I am hoping that it will do so today, so I can pay my rent. So I went in this morning, and WALLAH! It is THERE! WooHOO! (THANK YOU, JESUS!)

I will be working today from 6 - 2, or at least until I make $125. That is my daily goal this month.

This morning, I had a horrible scare! I went into my purse to make my tithe payment, and my billfold was GONE! I ran down the stairs (yes, my adrenaline was up...and even though it usually takes me forever to get down the stairs due to the pain...I RAN!) all the way to my car and searched.


I came back and searched the house...NOTHING.

Finally, I found the billfold under the table where my computers are, on top of a plastic tote box that I have under there to rest my legs on.

Yeah, I held it and thanked Jesus over and over for about five minutes...while I caught my breath. LOL

I just hope this little burst of stress doesn't cause my lupus to flare up again. I'm just now getting back to some semblance of normalcy after my wreck.

Have a blessed day!

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