Classes, Bills, Assets and Praise

Hello, World!

Yesterday I caught up on all of my e-learning for my certification. I am now caught up. I will do a little more e-learning before class starts in about an hour.

I didn't even make minimum wage last night on Uber. I decided, after about 6 hours, to hang it up for the night.

Today, I paid my car payment. I am still caught up on my bills, so that's a plus. I have a bill due on the 18th for $181. Maybe I'll make it before then. If not, I'll have to dip into my credit.

I am not giving up these classes just because I have a bill to pay. This is my ticket to the future.

I gained $25 on my net assets with E-trade today, though. That's good news.

I praise God for all I have, all He's done for me, and where He is taking me!

Have a blessed day!

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