Car Problems and Call Center

Good morning, World!

Yesterday, somehow I got a hole (or something that caused leaking) in my radiator. I had a passenger in the car I was taking to A&M University on University Avenue. When we got there, my car was running hot, almost to the "H" level. It was sputtering, so I stopped the car and turned it off.

The passenger was close enough to where he was going that I was able to end the ride well.

I tried to put water in the radiator, but noticed that the water was running out of the bottom of the car, so I called Car-Mart. They gave me my Good Sam's Roadside Assistance numbers and I called them.

Good Sam's will only take you to where THEY suggest or you have to pay for the tow. So I chose Pate's Automotive. The other two choice's were tire and wheel places. I didn't have a flat!

I called my mom and step dad to come get me, once my car was towed.

Car-Mart said that once my car was towed, I would need to bring them a diagnostic. Pate's said they were running way behind and that it would be nearly two weeks before they could get to it to even do a diagnostic.

I went home and called Car-Mart back. I talked to "Bubba" in the service department. He told me to have the car towed to somewhere else, because he needs the diagnostic ASAP. He told me where he would like me to tow it, but they don't offer the place.

I called Good Sam's back to try to get better choices of places to take my car, and see if they would help me. They gave me more tire and wheel places, and MHC Kenworth, and an auto center that has already been permanently closed.

I told them I don't have a flat, and MHC isn't going to work on my CAR, and I need a place that is OPEN for business! I told them where my dealer wants me to go and asked them if they could help me and how much would they charge me to have it towed there, since it wasn't on their approved list?

She put me on hold, came back and said they would not charge me, and that they would have it towed to my designated choice.

I called Car-Mart back and told them that my car was towed, and they said they would update me on the progress. The mechanic would be speaking directly to Car-Mart, not me.

I put on my headphones and sat at the computer the rest of the day. It's all I can do until my car gets fixed. I will be focusing on working in the "Call Center" for a paycheck until my car gets fixed.

This morning, I have taken the dogs out and am now sitting down with my tea in front of me. My "Call Center" is open, and I am getting ready to turn on the phones, as I wait for word about my car.

On Monday, I will be shopping for a "Plan B" car.

Have a blessed day!

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