Brakes and Catch-up

Friday and Sunday I worked for brakes for my car. I had an appointment on Monday and wasn't sure how much they were going to cost me, but I knew it would be around $300. My brake pads were worn and sounding bad, but my brakes still worked.

I had to put a girl out of my car on Friday for being disrespectful to me. But, right after that, I got two really good runs. I did a bunch of deliveries, too. I went home with over $150.

On Sunday, I made another $150. I had about $50 in cash tips, and my bank account had not settled my last payments from the apps.

Monday morning, I got my brakes fixed. I was afraid I wouldn't have the money in my account because the apps take their sweet time settling into my bank account. But, just as I was fixing to settle my bill, it showed up. I had money left over to go eat with, so I did. Then...

Uber de-activated my account until I could prove to them my car could pass inspection. I think the girl had something to do with that. It has been a headache, and I am still dealing with Uber about it, because they keep rejecting my document, saying the picture is too blurry. NOT TRUE. I called them. I am waiting for re-activation now.

Today, I went on a trip to Cambden, Arkansas and got paid about $90 for the trip, then I went home for the day.

I got a letter from the retirement services that I still have $3,500 in my account. I am fixing to withdraw it and invest it into E-trade, after I get my reli loan account paid off. That way I have funds to pay bills with, should I need it. I won't be stressing so much.

I hear we are supposed to be getting another stimulus check again soon, too.

I think I'm going to do my taxes on line this time. Save me the headache of taking time out of my day to go to an appointment. I just activated my new Emerald card they sent me.

Have a blessed day!

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