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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!

Borrowing and Investing, Taxes and GrubHub

Good Friday Morning, World!

It's almost afternoon. Yes, I slept late. I will work late today -- if God wills it. (If my car is working right).

I have decided to get a second opinion about my car before I go spending money.

I borrowed money from my Elastic account so I could do this, but since I am holding off, I decided to put that money in my E-trade account so I wouldn't spend it until I need it.

I am still waiting on GrubHub to finalize my account so I can start delivering on that app.

I am only getting $600 back (It will go into my E-trade account so I can make more money with it) from the IRS, according to my tax lady. It will take me 8-10 days to receive it, so I am waiting. It was a lot less than I had hoped for. That was mainly because 3 of my apps didn't list mileage, and what Quickbooks figured was less than what the apps figured that did list my mileage, so she took the more -- which is what I would have done. But, next year I will have to find a way to get records of the mileage for the apps that didn't list it.

Also, I still need a printer. That would help me so much when it comes to keeping records.

I worked last night on the computer when I got home. I didn't get many calls, so I didn't make much money, but at least it was something.

Ya'll have a blessed day!


Yesterday, I wrote this on FB:

I am so frustrated right now.

My oil light is flickering on every time I slow down or stop at a stop sign. That doesn't bother me, because I KNOW my oil is good. But the incessant "DING DING DING" that I hear DOES bother me!


So, I know it must annoy my passengers.

It started doing this after my last oil change, so I took it back to Valvoline to see if they did something to cause it. They couldn't figure it out.

They told me to turn my key to the second position and pump my gas 3 times and that should fix it.


Nope. That advice was as ignorant as the results.

Today I got fed up with it. It seems to be getting worse. So I took it to Gateway, who sent me to Shelby's.

I told them what it was doing and the guy said, "Usually, if it is doing that it means you are low on oil."


I told him I am NOT low on oil. I JUST had an oil change and took the car BACK to Valvoline to re-check it after it started doing this. I am GOOD on oil. He said, "I'm just saying".

Well, so am I. I need it fixed.

After waiting over an hour, they finally looked at my car and said the sensor is brand new. Nothing wrong with it. What is more, there was NO dinging or anything when the guy took it out for a drive. There is NOTHING wrong with my car.


I told him I want a new sensor put in. He said that one is brand new already and there is no guarantee it will fix it. I told him I had to do SOMETHING to fix it because it is NOT my imagination, OR my customers!

So, in the morning, I am taking it in to get it replaced and it is going to cost me $152.

It will be worth the peace of mind.

I don't know what I am going to do if it doesn't work.

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