Black Bean Burgers and Milo

Good morning, World!

I have been up since 10:30 PM. Milo woke me up because he had to go outside. He will press his wet nose against my cheek and give me a tiny lick at the same time. It's how he kisses me in the morning to wake me up. But, he takes it to the extreme. If I don't respond, he will keep doing it until I either get up, or tell him to go back to "night night". Which, he does, with a sigh.

This morning I stuck my tongue out at him and blew, making a farting noise. He tried to make one back at me. It was funny. We did that back and forth for two or three times.

I love my Milo.

Otis? He just likes attention. Whatever Milo gets, he wants, and if Milo gets more attention than he does, he'll growl mean at Milo. Of course, Milo just growls back.

Anyway, I spent some time in the call center my pajamas.

I also cooked some black bean burger patties. It was delicious! But, I'm sure it will probably give me gas. Oh well...who am I trying to impress? LOL

It is now 4:44 AM. I am going to get dressed, take the dogs out again, then go to work.

I have bills to pay.

Have a blessed day!

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