Big Money Day

Hello, World! This morning I went to pick up my money at the lawyer's office. I was so happy to get it, finally! The settlement was actually a little more, but the lawyer got to keep her portion of it -- and deserved every penny of it! I wasn't expecting even this much to begin with!

I went and deposited it into my bank, then I took "Bob" (my car) to get an oil change. While I was there, I got new windshield wipers. They checked the air in all my tires and my battery.

I needed a new battery, but they didn't have Bob's type, so I had to go to Walmart. Wouldn't you know it, Walmart didn't have a battery that fit Bob, either! So I went to Goodyear. They had to order one, but it came pretty quick and I got it, finally!

I paid my revolving loan off.

I replenished the stocks in my E-trade account from when I couldn't work last month.

I went to my mom's and gave her $100 for letting me use her truck as much as she did when I didn't have Bob.

Then I went and got a new desktop computer. I was going to get a printer, too, but I decided to just settle with the computer for now. I've spent enough money for one day.

I came home and applied for a job certification so I can start working through LiveOps. I'll be training to be a remote sales representative for "As Seen on TV", etc. products. It will pay $.25/minute call time, and I can work at home!

The next time I am without a car, I'll still have a job. And, with this Lupus, I won't have to worry about not being able to go anywhere because I can't move around much, or in the unlikely event it starts affecting me to the point I have seizures. (That is VERY unlikely, as long as I take my medication and take care of myself, now that I know what I have!)

That is, if they accept me. I hope they do!

I love my new Computer Screen, too. It will make watching TV online a lot easier!

Have a blessed night!

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