Bank Accounts, Credit Accounts, Taxes and Stress

Good morning, World!

Boy, when I mess up, I mess up royally! LOL

I paid my car payment on line this morning using the wrong account to pay it with, so I have to rush to the bank at 9 AM in order to deposit the money from my other account into the correct account so I am not charged an overdraft fee. SIGH...

And, today when I do my taxes, I have to go to the Library first to print off my paperwork that I emailed to myself so I can get to it easily. While I am doing that, I also have to print off a form to send to Elastic by Fax in order to fix my account information on that account so I can use that line of credit when needed.

Sigh...which means It is going to be hard to get the money I am supposed to make today.


I am usually pretty meticulous and don't make all these mistakes...mainly because I don't like the stress that comes with it!

I am praying that I get good news at the Tax office today. I might be able to get an advance, once I know how much I will be getting back!

I need it.

Do you guys want to know why you receive messages in the comments of your posts asking you to send a friend request to people you don't know?

It is because if you send THEM a request, and they try to scam you, you can't do anything about it, because YOU requested the contact with this person.

There is no reason they can't send you a friend request.

Think about it.

Well, time to get this day started!

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