Bad Dogs

Hello, World!

Apparently, I left the door unlocked again this morning when I went to bed. I have really tried to make it a habit to lock the doors when I take the dogs out and bring them back in, but I guess I forgot...again.

I went to bed about 5:30 AM this morning, after working in the call center all night on my computer. I made enough to make up for what I didn't make driving yesterday; and, I got to do it all on in my pajamas, while I watched "West Wing" in between calls, and played "Big Farm" on the computer.

This is the life.

Milo sleeps on one side of me, and Otis sleeps on the other.

At around 10:00 AM, I turned over and realized my dogs weren't in bed with me. I heard Milo barking, but it sounded like he was outside. I got up, and the door was closed...just as it was closed this morning before I went to bed. How did they get outside?

Milo came back in and I scolded him, then went looking for Otis. Otis had run off again. I walked the whole complex in my pajamas. LOL. One of the dog-owners who had just taken his dog inside said that he saw Otis a few moments before that. He walked with me for a little. I told him my apartment number. I went to the office and told them Otis got out again and I promised them that I didn't let my dogs out. We have a rule about not letting them out without a leash. I told them the door came open while I was asleep again. Then, I went back toward my apartment.

The cleaning lady who just came out of the laundry room said Otis was upstairs waiting at my door. I went upstairs, let him back in and scolded him good. Again. I called the office to tell them that he came home, and then I locked the door and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

I refused to take them out when I got ready to leave for work. I told them they could go to the bathroom, and I locked them in there, with no treat, because they were bad. They will stay in there until I take them out again in a few minutes.

I did one Waitr order, one Uber Eats, two Uber rideshares, and one Grub Hub before I gave up because business was so slow. I decided to come home and get on the call center for the rest of the night.

Here I am.

Ya'll have a blessed night!

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