Baby, It's Cold Outside

Sunday was Valentine's day. I like to call it "Single's Awareness Day" because it serves to enhance the envy I feel for those who are not -- even though I am thoroughly happy with my singular status, for the most part; except, maybe, on days like this.

I have to sift through piles of Facebook pics of flowers and chocolates received by friends while they tell me of how great their "other half" is. I have to endure the giddy remarks about how much more they love each other for recognizing the importance they bring to each other's lives.

All the while, I am sighing and rolling my eyes, just wishing for the day to be over, so I can go back to enjoying being single again, without being reminded that I am not "involved".

Today I went to my mom's to enjoy a Valentine's dinner and spend time with the family for a few hours. My step-dad bought all of us ladies in the family this:

I thought it was just cute! But, I'll have to wait until the weather is nicer to plant it.

Speaking of the weather...

After dinner, I went to work, against my better judgment -- because it was sleeting all day, and snowing. But, I needed the money and the roads weren't bad yet.

I worked for three and half hours and made nearly $60 doing deliveries for WAITr. Then, the roads started turning white; so, I headed home.

By the time I got to New Boston (25 miles from where I was at, working) the snow and sleet was coming down pretty hard. I made it home safe, though. No incidents.

But, by 3 AM, the snow and ice had accumulated all over the place, and there is supposedly supposed to be two or three more days of this. I don't see how I am going to survive financially through this.

I am not a happy camper right now. And, it is cold.

Have a blessed day!

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