Alligator in Shreveport

Hello, World!

Yesterday, I went to Shreveport on a Lyft run. While I was there, I ate at Shane's Seafood. I had jambalaya, fried green tomatoes and grilled alligator. And yes, it was awesome!

When I returned to Texarkana, I continued to work. I figured, after that, "if I make it home without getting a ping, I am done for the day." But, every time I turned onto my street to go to my apartments, the app would ping. So, I figured why waste a good opportunity?

I ended up making a total of $170 yesterday, and I know that if I had continued to finish out my whole 12-hr shift (which I rarely do), I would have done even better!

I didn't even do any Spark deliveries yesterday. I didn't have time.

It's time for round two. Maybe I'll do some Spark today.

My freezer went out on me this morning. All my food was halfway thawed by the time I caught it. I spent the first part of the morning cleaning out my freezer and transferring everything to my refrigerator freezer. I am hoping it was just an electricity outage while I wasn't home yesterday.

At any rate, I ate leftover soup this morning.

Have a blessed day!

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