Adventures of Milo and Otis


Keep door locked at all times.

The air pressure changed outside. It caused my apartment door to click open.

By the time I realized it was opened, the dogs had already gone outside and been outside for a little bit.

When I realized the dogs were gone, I panicked. I looked all around the apartment complex calling out to them.

Finally, Otis came running (through the water, splashing and wet) grinning like the cat that ate the canary. I picked his soaked self up and kept looking for Milo. I threatened the flyswat, finally. No Milo, still. I was panicking.

Finally, I decided to take Otis upstairs and put him inside so I could keep looking for Milo. When I got to my apartment, Milo was sitting there waiting for me to open the door, He knew he was in trouble. He had heard the word "flyswat".

Yeah, they both got a spanking. Then they got hugs. And they got fussed at. And the door is locked.

Now they are resting.

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