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Good Evening, World!

All of my bills are paid up until the 25th (and I have money to pay it with).

Yesterday was so slow at work that I decided to take off for the rest of the day. Even the call center was slow, so I only worked it for an hour and turned it off. No sense sitting there for nothing.

E-trade is rebounding well. I don't think I'll be pulling out my money again like that unless the stock goes down below $1/share from now on, except in emergencies.

I have lenders calling me wanting to GIVE ME more money - that I have to pay back, of course. I keep telling them, "No, thank you! But, keep in touch. I might need you again some day!" LOL

Oh, well. I guess it is better than them calling me because they want me to pay a bill.

Today was a little busier, but I still didn't make goal (always $130). I came close, though. It was too hot to sit there in my car twiddling my fingers. I never keep the car running while I am sitting there because gas is way too high for that.

I am back to exploring my town, and visiting places I haven't been. Today I visited a little place at the corner of 7th Street and Texas Blvd called "Blue Water Bayou Wingmasters and Gumbo". I got their catfish plate with greens and fries. They gave me their special tartar sauce and hot sauce to go with it. It was AWESOME. They SURE know how to cook catfish!

I found out today that CiCi's has closed for good over by Starbuck's on Richmond Ranch Road.

I had a passenger today who told me that he was a Democrat, until Biden took office. He just moved here to Texas, and he said he has registered to vote as a Republican in the next election. Well, there is one thing Biden is doing right, then, huh?

I'm home for the night.

Have a blessed night!

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