A Digital World Full of Bills

Good morning, World!

I woke up early this morning and took a bath, then I took the dogs out.

While we were outside, someone was trying to get into the laundrymat to wash their clothes. I thought they lived in the complex and had just forgotten their number. Maybe they did, maybe they were new...anyway, the lady asked me for the door code and I gave it to her.

A few minutes later, she came out and said, "How do you work the machines? I can't find where to put the quarters in!"

I told her she has to download the app on Google Play and use the app to turn the machines on from her phone. This prevents people who don't live in the complex from hogging up all the machines. It also prevents the machines from taking your quarters if they are not working correctly.

She left.

Yes, the world is going digital. You can't hardly do anything without a computer or smart phone anymore.

Anyway, after that, it started to rain so I came upstairs to start the wash. I just put two loads of clothes in the wash. I am fixing to put my blankets and sheets in the wash as well. Today is wash day.

Then, I am waiting until 10 A.M. So I can go to the bank and put cash in my account so I can make my car payment. And pay my phone bill; both of which I cannot do without if I want to pay my rent!

While I am waiting, I am eating leftover hash browns with cheese and bacon for breakfast. (YUM...YUM...NOM NOM NOM).

I plan to stay home for the rest of the day after that, only doing wash and updating my web sites.

Have a blessed day!

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