A Capital Experience

This morning I tried to wake up early enough to go to Domino so I could pick up more from their food distribution for the guys. But, I didn't wake up in time. I was two hours late waking up. It was already 7:30 when I opened my eyes, and by the time I would have been able to get there, it would have been over with. So...

I got up and bathed and then my phone was acting funny. It wouldn't show anything on the screen no matter how much I pushed the button or restarted it. So, when it finally did come back on, I did a factory reset. Thank God I have everything stored in Google (except my phone contacts, which I will have to re-enter)

I spent about 2 hours re-downloading and installing all my apps for work and banking.

Then, I tried to pay my ticket online, but could find no information for it. I called the number the lady at Bi-state gave me, but the lady who answered the phone said they needed the case number, and I had no idea where it was on the ticket...so she told me to call the courthouse again. I did, and was told that yes, my ticket is on record, but they can't give me info on how to pay it online because their system is down. I would need to pay it in person. SIGH...


I got dressed, grabbed my tea and my purse and headed out the door. Apparently the boards on the wheelchair ramp are slippery when wet, and I couldn't catch my balance and ended up flat on my back. Tea went everywhere...I had to go back in and change clothes and start over. LOL

I went and paid my ticket and made sure to keep the receipt. Did not need any left-over "badness" from the day. Had a discussion with the clerk about "What is the difference between "no contest" and "guilty" as a plea if you pay your ticket? (She said, nothing, that she could see...except what they put on the record).

Then I decided to go eat somewhere I hadn't eaten at before. I needed cheering up. So I went to Capital Burger on State Line Avenue. I got the Mushroom Swiss burger (can't remember what they called it...) OMG, it was DELICIOUS. I also ordered the Chicken Fried Avocados and Chicken Fried Jalapenos to go with it, and requested to have them on the side instead of French Fries or Onion Rings. OMG...Here's some pics:

And yes, they were messy! (Nothin' is good unless it's messy! LOL)

Finally, about noon, I went to work. I ended up making nearly $90 before I finally called it a day today.

I came home with an empty tea glass. I said hello to the baby-dogs, then let them outside. Then, went to the fridge to get a glass of tea, only to find that the tea pitcher (which was more than half full this morning when I left) had been knocked over inside the fridge and all the tea was at the bottom of the fridge, under the crispers. SIGH.

But, I didn't get upset. I just cleaned up the mess and boiled some more tea. It was just another thing I had to deal with today; which, except for the Capital Burger experience, and the deliveries and rideshares I did today, was full of bad experiences.

Now I'm going to go shoot some bad guys on my FALLOUT:NV game and work off some stress...providing the game doesn't crash on me. (It wouldn't surprise me at this point...LOL)

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