Hello, World!

I'm REALLY loving this "rideshare" stuff!

I worked for 10 hours today and brought home $128.00. (It was actually a slow day...but I stayed busy!)

I took a lady to Walmart today. She asked me if I would drive her when she needed to go back home. I explained to her that there was no way for her to "choose" her driver on the apps because we are contract drivers and whoever is closest at the time gets the assignment.

But, then, I gave her my card. I explained, "I don't work on Saturdays. And, the best time to get me would be between noon and midnight on most days. And, if I am in the middle of a run, you may have to wait until I am done before I can come. But, don't hesitate to call if you need to!"

She called me when she got done shopping. I did four runs between the time I dropped her off and the time she called. I was currently sitting at Burger King on State Line waiting for a ping. "Can you come get me now?"

"Sure. I'm on State Line. It will be a few minutes."

I drove her home, helped her unload her groceries, and she tipped me on top of the fare, saying, "I'm definitely going to use YOU! You saved me a few bucks AND helped me out!"

Another passenger asked me 101 questions, and I got to tell him how I became a "ride for hire" service. When he got out of the car he said, "Your story was inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing!"

Another passenger (my last one) asked me to make an unscheduled stop at a convenient store on the way. I explained I wasn't supposed to do that, but that I was in a good mood, and I would this time. When I finally got him home, he accidentally left what he had went to the store for in my back seat. His mom called me to ask if I had seen it. I told her, "I am not too far away, I'll just turn around and come back." I made $15 off that one run.

I did a WHOLE bunch of deliveries today. My pick up/drop off list covered two whole pages in my notebook (I keep up with everything so I can record my mileage for tax purposes).

I hope tomorrow is just as great!

Have a blessed day! (Mine CERTAINLY was!)

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