Hello, World!

Today was so awesome! I got everything straightened out with Uber first thing this morning and at 9:30 AM I was good to go, and did my FIRST delivery with Uber! (and I got a $7 cash tip...yep, I ate at Arby's today for lunch!)

It was still really slow though, which made me GLAD I had Uber to work with as well as WAITr. I was working both apps to try to stay busy, and it was STILL slow. But, I overshot my goal! So I am not complaining!

The second to last delivery of the day, I had picked up from Reggie's on State Line to deliver. Included in the order were three small drinks and one LARGE drink. They gave me one of those thin cardboard drink carriers. When I got to the apartment I was supposed to deliver to, I got out of the car, grabbed the bag and the drink carrier and was on my way up the stairs, when the large drink just bounced right out of the carrier and hit the pavement and busted.


I delivered to the apartment and told the customer, "I am so sorry. Your large coke fell out and busted down there. I'll call WAITr and make sure they know."

He said, "Don't worry about it. We ain't mad at ya!"

I called WAITr anyway. Stuff happens.

THEN, I went from there to El Chico's to pick up an order. It was going to pay $7.48, and it was to be delivered to Leary, about 10 miles away. (Really?)

I take it anyway.

When I got there, the lady handed me a $20 for a tip. WOW.

But, being so far out, I decided to cut my night short and go ahead and go home. I was already halfway there, so might as well. LOL

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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